Prolyte Mammoth M145RV

Prolyte M145RV Mammoth Truss

Beschreibung von Prolyte: he M145RV Mammoth truss is constructed of main tubes (100 x 8 mm) and diago­nals (60 x 60 x 3,5 mm and 50 x 4 mm). The M145RV truss is equipped with a smart, orientation free, pin-fork type connection and is fast and easy to assemble. The M145RV truss is developed for special applications where extreme loads or circumstances require massive strength; it can be used as mast section in combination with tower systems or as span in combination with the D75 truss. Due to its 4-sided webbing the D75 truss can absorb vertical as well as horizontal loads, which make sit ideal for outdoor or 3 dimensional structures. Spans up to 30 metres are no challenge for this truss. Other truss types can be stored inside the M145RV truss.

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