Heavy Duty Steel Ground Support

Foto Milos Ground Support Drive in CinemaxFreiburg (2021_08_04 15_59_23 UTC).jpg

carries up to 180 tons | up to 60 m (196 feet) span | up to 22m (72 feet) high | The Milos Steel Groundsupport made of ultra-high-strength steel alloy with 1450 REC trusses and towers made of 780 Quatro trusses can be built up to a span of 60m. Tower up to height 22 m, loads of up to 180 tonnes can be brought into a 4 Tower Ground support. Here on the photo it was in use for our drive-in cinema in 2020 with the requirement, that the LED wall and banner did not have to be dismantled even at wind force 11 and with cantilevers, in order to be able to optionally hang PA and light at concerts.